“Dear Patrick (Paddy),

First let me thank you for just listening to our needs and bringing them to life! Unfortunately, not enough DJs do this. If they did there would be a lot more satisfied customers. As a relative told you the night of the 17th, “you really did your thing!”. Everyone loved you!

Thank you for adding the magic we wanted everyone to experience. We loved every minute of your fantastic Video show.

To all other wedding couples, who read this testimonial:

Book the Video Show, You will not regret it !!!!!!”

Karen & Frank

“Dear Paddy:

We want to express our sincere thanks for the tremendous job you did at our wedding. Every detail from the ceremony, through the reception, succeeded beyond our greatest expectations. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, and we lost track of the number of people who raved about your skills as a DJ. It was important to us to keep the party going nonstop and you accomplished this even with the diverse musical tastes of the guests. Without question you were a critical element to the success and we are forever grateful that you made our wedding day the best party of our lives!”

Brian & Ellen

“Dear Paddy,

Rene and I wanted to say thank you for the great job you did at our wedding. Our DJ & music selections were very important to us and we are so glad that we choose your services. You allowed us to personalize our music EXACTLY what we wanted and played everything we requested & more! Many of our guests said they had more fun and danced more at our wedding than any other. We will definitely recommend your DJ Services in the future!! Thanks again!”

Kylie & Rene

“Hi Paddy,

Tom and I want to offer all of our thanks to you for making our wedding the best party of our lives! We could not have asked for anything better from you. Everyone has raved about your talent and you have been highly recommended by us to all of our family and friends. Your video show is amazing and so original.

Paddy, you were a friend at our wedding — more than a DJ. Thank you so much – nothing could have been better “

Tom & Suzanne

“The music was great, thanks. Paddy did a brilliant job, particularly in managing to find a “The music was great, thanks. Paddy did a brilliant job, particularly in managing to find a couple of quite obscure requests we made on the night. Our guests were dancing all night, which was exactly what we wanted – one even remarked it was the best music he’d heard at a wedding! We’d happily recommend DJ Paddy to anyone and will certainly use you again.”

Brian & Debbie


Matt and I wanted to let you know how happy we were to have you as the (Video) DJ at our wedding. You were definitely a huge hit – I’ve had quite a few people comment to me that they thought the music was great, and that we had obviously picked a good DJ.

When we were planning the wedding, I said to Matt many times that I hoped people would dance, and that my ideal night would have a packed dance floor right to the end — but I knew from many of the weddings that I’ve attended that it’s not always the case.

Well – we still can’t believe how many people were still on the dance floor at 1:00 am, and consistently throughout the night too!!

I can’t get over what a great time it was! Apparently my Grandma’s 84-year old sister and her “boyfriend” were even dancing to the current music?! Now THAT is a success story!

I also wanted to tell you that I was so impressed with how the ceremony music worked out! I had mini moment of panic at our rehearsal, realizing how hard it may be for you to time everything, and to know when to play each song. But you did it all perfectly! The timing was right-on for the processional songs and the register-signing song, and I LOVED how the recessional sounded (with the combo of the Wedding March and the Yardbirds)! So cool! It’s all a blur to me now, but I know at the time I was so wowed that it all worked out perfectly! And the entrance songs during the reception were great too – the perfect clips and timing. You definitely played all the right songs at all the right times. The music is SUCH an important part of the day, and you nailed it.

Anyway, sorry we didn’t get in touch with you sooner, but we’ve been saying it for weeks. Thanks again for helping to make it such a great day for us! “

Caroline & Matt

“There are a lot of elements that go into planning a wedding but the most important one that can make or break it is the music. The ability for a DJ to read the crowd and then having the right skills and resources is what truly makes a wedding great. Paddy did just that for us at our wedding. He did an amazing job with our ceremony music – the ambience was perfect.

Paddy thanks so much for providing the night of our life!

Then when it came time to dance and have fun he kept everyone on the dance floor for the whole night! My wife kept trying to get off the dance floor to rest her feet but every song that came on she couldn’t say no to! We had a very diverse crowd but Paddy knew just what to play to keep everyone going! “

Alan & Christine

“When we first met, you said: “Standards are for those who have no fantasy”

Now we know exactly what you mean.

You convinced us to do the video show. That was the best decision we made regarding our wedding party. From pre-dinner music till the party, everything was way above what we expected, your Rock & Roll Video set ……..AMAZING. Special thanks for the way to made our opening dance video (The combination of the video clips and our pre wedding pictures was perfect)

We will recommend you to anyone”

Paul & Renate

“Hello Paddy

Beyond expectations:

It was a fantastic party. The opening dance(s) was one of the many highlights; you did such a beautiful job to mix the requested songs in video. The whole setup was very professional and your video show is absolutely a must do for any (wedding) party. From the beginning the communication was great, and everything was spot on.

Highly recommended.”

Penny & William

“I love video DJ Paddy !!!!

I can’t even tell you how many obnoxious DJs we interviewed for our wedding, and when we found Paddy it was like the clouds parted and the sun started shining. The video options was exact what we we’re looking for.

The music for our wedding was tasteful, fun, exactly our requested music, but at the same time Paddy took requests from the crowd and kept everyone on the dance floor all night. In fact I’ve received a number of compliments on how fun my wedding was and how great the music was and I am attributing that to Paddy’s awesome DJ-ing. We literally had everything from Ella Fitzgerald to New Order to Journey to R&B., I dreaded the thought of walking down the aisle to Here Comes the Bride, Paddy had us listen to I Wanna Be Married by Nellie McKay and it was PERFECT!!!

I would recommend Paddy to anyone looking to have a fun time at their event and who don’t want to be cookie-cutter.

Paddy rocks.


Lisa & Matthew

“Best Wedding Ever

Paddy was wonderful for our wedding. We had a “Back to the …..” Wedding with music from the 50’s till 80’s. He was such a pleasure to work with and made our day so smooth. His video show is an absolute must do. We were recommended to use www.balidjpaddy.com and we have already referred them to a friend’s wedding. I greatly appreciated the easy communication and always had a follow up email in my inbox shortly after sending any questions to Paddy…that is good customer service! Loved every second of our wedding day and we cannot thank DJ Paddy enough for the fabulous music and fun atmosphere!!

Our guests had so much fun dancing the night away! “

Jari & Anna

“Video, Video, Video

Video DJ Paddy is amazing! He “made” our wedding. The DJ is such a key part of a wedding doing introductions and keeping things on track etc… And DJ Paddy knows what he’s doing.

My mother was blown away how much fun it was when the DJ started his video set. Everyone said it made it so Hollywood party. Everyone was dancing; everyone said the music was great. He had all the music lined up perfect for the ceremony. (and all in video,…so good) I can’t say enough wonderful things about DJ Paddy. He was a KEY FACTOR into making our day totally perfect! Thank you!!!!! I would recommend him to everyone!!!!

Dave & Ellen

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