Contact by phone:
+62 82 146 158 093 (WhatsApp)
Please note that these are Indonesian phone numbers. The network quality in Indonesia sometimes is so poor that when you call, you will get a notification that the phone is out of reach, even though the phone is on and within network coverage. If you can’t get connected, please try again later, or send an e-mail.

If there is no answer, please make sure called ID is on, so we can return your missed call, or e-mail us with the phone number that we can contact you on.

Contact by e-mail:

Modern technology is great, but unfortunately not flawless. Sometimes technical errors in e-mail communication occur, like an overambitious spam filter blocking genuine e-mails or faulty e-mail servers doing the same thing. This may cause your enquiry/e-mail to not be delivered to our Inbox, or our reply to not be delivered into your Inbox, without us or you being notified of such an error. We have done everything that is technically possible to prevent this from happening. But sometimes it will still happen, it is unavoidable.

As part of our service level, we will ALWAYS reply to any enquiry or e-mail within 48 hours. Should you not receive a reply from us within 48 hours, it means an error beyond our control occurred, and we did not receive your message, or we did and sent you a reply, but our reply did not reach your Inbox, and we were not notified of this. Please be aware of this and contact us in any other way (phone, SMS) to let us know you have not received a reply from us to your enquiry or e-mail.