A perfect (wedding) party in Bali?
With exactly the music you want.

We take care of it. Our professional wedding/party DJ will make sure everything will go according to your wishes.

We provide a premium DJ experience, which combines our music expertise with your requested songs. We work in the full spectrum of styles and genres, to customize the music to fit your event.

Before the (wedding) party, we will have intensive contact true mail and/or face to face.
Which music do you want?
Do you want an opening dance?
Do you have your own playlist (requested music)?

Hard time to decide?
Maybe this will give you some ideas:

Rock & Roll to the swinging 60s, the disco age, the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s, Salsa or current modern top 40, everything is possible. We have the choice of various programs, and even a special custom-made program is possible.

Please check out this link for the various programs (in audio or video) which are available, and amaze yourself and your guests.